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ADAyur: a Project of Ayurvedic Didactic Agriculture inspired by Ayurveda

Dear friends,
the Institute of Indo-Vedic Studies (Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta APS) and the Fondazione Studi Bhaktivedanta ETS present the “Govardhan Italia” project, realized by the ADAyur (Didactic Agriculture Inspired by Ayurveda) Academic Department.
ADAyur aims to provide skills and experiences to all those who wish to learn how to nourish and cultivate the soil, inspired by the Ayurvedic Science of Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Health, to better help people re-establish that substantial relationship uniting us to Mother Earth with a feeling of creative and joyful gratitude.
We do this by inviting interested people to spend time with us outdoors in the fields, woods, vegetable gardens and orchards, to acquire not only theoretical knowledge of high ethical and scientific character, but also practical experience through concrete activities, like cultivating the food we eat every day.
Healthy nourishment is one of the fundamentals to preserve vitality of body and mind; producing one's own food, while respecting the environment and the creatures that inhabit it, constitutes an opportunity of great value for developing awareness of the laws that govern the universe and guide towards the rediscovery of one's own spiritual essence.
We promote the culture of food self-production as a tool for health, not only physical, as well as for good socio-economic management through the harmonious integration of all anthropological planes of the person.
In the era of greedy and ruthless profit-driven big business, oriented towards the standardization of tastes and consumption, according to the indications of algorithms dictated by artificial intelligence and virtual reality that alienates the human being from his/her most peculiar characteristics and noblest potential, returning to the earth with respect and humility is a peacefully revolutionary act.


We know the power of the impact that the theme “Ecology and Harmonious, Proactive and Constructive Relationship with Nature” can have, from the perspective of personal development and spiritual awakening.

By healing the rift between spirit and matter, creatures, creation and the Creator, everything acquires meaning again. In particular, it represents for new generations a vitally important experience, since love for the earth and all creatures, the intrinsic relationship between health, ecology and economy, constitute a heritage that it is our duty and responsibility to transmit, as an antidote to an uncertain but still sustainable future.

In Tuscany, very close to the Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta’s Campus and on an area of 33 hectares with woods, olive groves, fields, pastures and orchards, we are developing agricultural methodologies aimed at the care, enhancement and maintenance of the health and vitality of the soil, as well as the combination of plants and other living organisms that, by interacting constructively with each other, enable to achieve excellent results, not only by avoiding dangerous chemicals for human and environmental health, but also by restoring the natural richness and fertility of soils previously impoverished by greedy and short-sighted agricultural policies.

Constant study and practice activities will allow us to transpose the fundamentals of food and phytotherapy science inspired by Ayurveda into the context of our territory, with the identification of plants and ingredients whose active substances represent valid alternatives to those typical of the Indian subcontinent, in the spirit of building bridges between East and West as our school does.


We wish to welcome you all to evolve together. It is through experiences that we are enriched, facing and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the path of realization of our dreams, helping those who wish to do the same. This project is an opportunity for purification and spiritual evolution that, according to the precepts of the Yoga of Love - Bhakti Yoga – can be achieved through practical and concrete action in the world in the here and now, though expressed in a spirit of offering to God and aimed at the highest benefit of all people.
Thank you for sharing the ideal of this project dedicated to the imperishable memory of H.D.G. Bhaktivedanta Swami Shrila Prabhupada, on whose teachings I have founded my life.
Marco Ferrini (Matsya Avatar das)

If you are passionate about this project, please support us and participate in our initiatives in the way that suits you best.

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