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Reflections on karmā: nature and functions

21 July 2023
The question of karmā, both from eschatological and philosophical perspectives, as well as from psychological and sociological viewpoints, has a series of implications. The concept of "karmā" is ...

ADAyur: a Project of Ayurvedic Didactic Agriculture inspired by Ayurveda

09 November 2022
Dear friends,the Institute of Indo-Vedic Studies (Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta APS) and the Fondazione Studi Bhaktivedanta ETS present the “Govardhan Italia” project, realized by the ADAyur (Didact...

Unity in diversity

02 December 2020
Love is a potential faculty of all beings. By practicing love, this faculty develops and becomes an effective capability to love.

Antidote against the ongoing inhumanism

28 October 2020
The power of language is the foundation of cultural hegemony, while righteous behavior proves that it is really possible to live in order to attain our spiritual fulfillment.

Reflection on the drama of the current crisis and the future that awaits us

16 October 2020
Any catastrophe, no matter if it is past or present, true or invented, natural or artfully caused, individual or collective one, can be successfully faced up like any other event, if we remain free...

Faith and Reason in the Indo-Vedic and Monotheistic Vaishnava Spiritual Tradition

17 July 2020
The concept of Faith in the Vedic Revelation and in the Monotheistic Vaishnava Tradition has a very important value; deepening it can also represent an important contribution for modern and conte...

Doing Good today

13 July 2020
"If we do well in the present, we don't have to worry too much about the future. Living our today serenely and righteously means transforming the old anxieties into hope for our tomorrow." Marco ...

The myth of the cave 2.0

09 July 2020
  Dear friends, The seminar that begins tomorrow -  10 July, 2020 - offers us another great opportunity to gradually move forward on the path of illumination, deeply thinking together about the...

The Public Square and the School

29 June 2020
Since some dear people have asked me what my thoughts are regarding street protests, why I do not myself participate and more, I am sharing with you, in essence, the answers I gave. Public squar...
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