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What to do in order to avoid persisting in error?

No one forces us to keep our defects, yet our unconscious conditionings oblige us to do so! The latter are the result of negative experiences that we have gathered without properly elaborating them. They exert such a powerful compulsion to repeat, leading us to make the same mistakes we already committed.
Do we want to linger over a mistake or do we wish to correct ourselves? Do we intend remaining within the becoming of fictitious personalities or discover our authentic nature?

Meditation is one of the most effective instruments at our disposal, if we really wish to correct and improve ourselves. By means of an intense and constant practice of meditation and visualization, we can untangle those unconscious knots that bind us to undesired and undesirable behaviour, fraught with painful consequences. For example, just like when we deceive ourselves by lying and cheating others, or when we maim our sensibility by giving in to anger, which is one of the strongest analgesics for our consciousness, becoming confused, dull and incapable of withstanding provocations. Meditation and visualization allow us to straighten the distortions of our personality and to learn how to transform and ennoble our thoughts, emotions, deep convictions, feelings, our character and eventually our destiny. Thus, with such an effort, at times exhausting but also joyful and salvific, we shall gradually learn to express all the Good that we hold deep inside and that constitute the purpose and the value of our existence.

Marco Ferrini

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