Antidote against the ongoing inhumanism

The power of language is the foundation of cultural hegemony, while righteous behavior proves that it is really possible to live in order to attain our spiritual fulfillment.

There is no chance of cultural, socio-economic and spiritual renewal without an innovative language.
Today, speaking of God may appear like a revolutionary action, as well as reflecting on the meaning of life and death, even in the sense of health and illness, and on the practical function of virtues,
There is no crisis that can be overcome, until we can contemplate it from a higher perspective and become able to describe it with adequate language, unlike those who created it.

Only by contemplating our eschatological horizon, and renewing the language of our contemporaneity, is it possible to raise our vision and find cure for the world’s ills, which are afflicting our society and leading it on the abyss of nihilism today.

If we commit ourselves to being part of the solution, although it is very late, we can still succeed; but an anthropological revolution is needed now.
A renewed language and behavior, meant in an authentic evolutionary sense, are always the fruit and emblem of a new and higher vision of the world, being constantly aware of the importance of human life and the sacredness of life in all its forms.

In order to attain an authentic prospect of salvation let us entrust ourselves to God, not in a fatalistic way, but by practicing virtues and knowledge.

"You were not made to live like brutes, but (to) follow virtue and knowledge" Divine Comedy, Inferno: verse 119, Canto XXVI

Marco Ferrini
(Matsya Avatar das)


Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, Popular University of Indovedic Studies