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Reflection on the drama of the current crisis and the future that awaits us

Any catastrophe, no matter if it is past or present, true or invented, natural or artfully caused, individual or collective one, can be successfully faced up like any other event, if we remain free from destabilizing emotional involvements and are aware of our spiritual reality.

Saying that, we must not deny the desperate socio-economic and psychophysical conditions into which humanity is gradually slipping, rather we affirm that the risk is run by our bodies with their combined illusory material attachments (health, relationships, habits, status, role, power, wealth, etc).
Therefore, let us awaken our consciousness to the eternal reality of the spirit and react serenely to the present material circumstances by doing everything possible, in order to help all those who would like to wake up from the current nightmare and live consciously in the fullness of their Being, in harmony with the Whole.

Marco Ferrini
(Matsya Avatar das)


Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, Popular University of Indovedic Studies

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