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Corona Virus COVID-19

27 February 2020
Corona virus, COVID-19 Seek joy and keep your balance, do not underestimate the danger but do not even be afraid. My Master used to say: fear is the daughter of ignorance. As far as concerns the c...

Against violence, towards animals as well

06 February 2020
In every religious tradition, the commandment “Do not kill” represents the main teaching. In the Veda such principle is spread out with the concept of ahimsa, “do not damage the others”, which is t...

The Help Everyone Needs

30 January 2020
The path of spiritual evolution is marked by different phases, breakthroughs,  deviations and stagnations, falls, imprisonments and  progressive liberations. Even the man who has testified the impo...

What to do in order to avoid persisting in error?

09 January 2020
No one forces us to keep our defects, yet our unconscious conditionings oblige us to do so! The latter are the result of negative experiences that we have gathered without properly elaborating them...
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